Tarsanas Taverna Syros Greece (8)
Tarsanas Taverna Syros Greece
Tarsanas Restaurant Taverna Shipyard Syros Greece
Tarsanas Taverna Syros Greece (36)
Tarsanas Taverna Syros Greece
Tarsanas Taverna Syros Greece
TarsanasTaverna Cousine Syros Greece

A place suited to all tastes in the middle of the shipyard bearing the flavors of wood and sea accompanied by traditional Greek dishes, fresh fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. We use local products according to the season prepared with knowledge and love.

Tarsanas Tarverna Atmosphere Hermoupolis Syros Greece

Sit down in Tarsanas taverna to enjoy delicious food in a pleasant atmosphere in the middle of the shipyard, surrounded by boats and live music. Tarsanas is also an ideal place for organizing events such as banquets, weddings, christenings etc.

Monday-Sunday 18:00-02:00

Live music
Saturday evening & Sunday noon


Tarsanas is the oldest shipyard in Syros, and the oldest active shipyard of its kind in Greece. Also one of the oldest companies on the island, which has been active since 1860 until this day occupying the same site in the port of Syros. Now run by the fourth-generation from the traditional shipbuilder families Mavrikou-Tzortzi.

The creation of wooden hulls is an art; it reflects the feelings, the ideas and the vision of the artist-creator. It is a living workshop of ideas and debates.
Today it offers services to vessels from sailing boats, fishing boats, small cruisers etc from all over Greece and overseas. It’s an interesting place for visitors to the island to visit since it is one of the last small shipyards of its kind in Greece.