We place emphasis on fresh ingredients of each season. We use local produce products and local recipes cooked with love and care.

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Salads Tarsanas Taverna Syros

Greek salad (Choriatiki)
– tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, capers, feta and olives

– tomato, feta, rusk, capers, olives and oregano

Green salad
– green salad, onion and dill

Cabbage salad
– cabbage and carrot

Chorta – boiled wild greens

Mediterranean salad
– cabbage, green salad, florina pepper, sundried tomatoes, black eyed beans, capers, onion and oregano

“Tarsanas” salad
– lettuce, rocket salad, tomato, dried figs with balsamic sauce with honey
Potato salad
– potatoes, various peppers, parsley, fresh onion, capers, mayonnaise and mustard

Cucumber & tomato salad
Cheese Tarsanas Taverna Syros Ermoupolis


Graviera cheese from Crete

Spicy cheese salad

Saganaki – fried cheese

Feta with honey and sesame seeds
Starters Tarsanas Taverna Syros Ermoupolis

Pickled sardines

Marinated anchovies

Fish roe salad


Eggplant salad

Fava with onion or herring
– yellow lense pure with onion or herring

Cauliflower fried
– with egg and cheese

– with tomato sauce with yogurt dip

Omelette with fried potatoes

Fried potatoes

Quartered potatoes
– with feta and sour chili sauce dip

– scrambled eggs in tomato sauce

Variety for 2 persons (Meze)

Sausage – beef or pork

Main Dishes Fish Tarsanas Taverna Syros Ermoupolis
Main dishes from the Sea

*Calamari grilled

*Calamari fried

*Cod fried with garlic pure (Skordalia)

Sardine fillet

*Shrimps saganaki
– with tomato sauce, ouzo and feta

Brill fried or boiled

Anchovies fried

Maridaki – small fried fish

*Octopus grilled or fried

*Shrimp No. 1 grilled
Main dishes Meat Pasta Tarsanas Taverna Syros Ermoupolis
Main dishes Meat & Pasta

Mix meat plate small

Mix meat plate big

Pork in small slices grilled (Kopsidia)

Pork steak

Chicken fillet grilled

Smoked pork steak from Manis

Lamb chops grilled

Beef liver grilled

Burger grilled

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti with tomato sauce

Spaghetti with shrimps
Childrens menu Tarsanas Taverna Syros
Children's menu

Chicken Souvlaki

Grilled burger

Spaghetti Bolognese

6.50€ including drinks

* The dishes with an asterisk are frozen products. We use olive oil in our salads and sunflower oil for frying. The Feta cheese is Greek.

All prices include VAT 24% including all legal charges.
General Manager: Katerina Roussou